Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace teeth when they are badly damaged, and have to be extracted. A metal fixture (usually a screw) is placed into the bone, and this acts as an anchor for a new false tooth or set of teeth. Over time, the implant or screw, fuses with the jaw bone and remains a strong support for the fake teeth (a process known as osseointegration). This can take 3-9 months. The dentist will then construct your new tooth as a crown or a bridge.


Traditionally, we would replace a missing tooth with either a bridge or a denture. Implants however, offer a vast array of advantages over these methods.


Advantages of Dental implants

  • They are very natural looking
  • Implants are very strong and long lasting
  • They are permanent (not removable)
  • There is no wear and tear on surrounding teeth
  • Patients can eat hard food with confidence
  • Patients experience an increase in self confidence
  • There are no age restrictionsfor a dental implant (unlike alternative options)


Requirements for a successful dental implant

  • Have a reasonable amount of dense bone tissue in your jaw
  • Have healthy gums (no periodontal disease)
  • Preferably a non smoker

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