FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring along my children?

We know how hard it can be to get some time for yourself when you have young children! If you would like to book in an appointment, but need someone to help out with the children, let us know, and we will try and arrange something for you. If your children are old enough to play on their own, let them come and enjoy the wonderful books, toys and colouring in books we have for them.

Do I need to have X-rays? I only want my teeth cleaned!

Current guidelines suggest the dental examination is not complete without X-rays. The x-rays show if there are any decay/holes developing in between your teeth. They can help catch a problem at an early stage and prevent more complex treatments.

Can I just have my teeth cleaned without having a check up?

When coming to our practice you are putting your oral health in our hands. To make sure we are giving you the best care, we need to provide you with full examination. Speak to the dentist when you come in!

I had x-rays done at my other dentist not so long ago. Do I have to have another one?

No, you don’t. You can transfer your x-rays from your other practice to us. You just have to contact your dentist, sign an x-ray release form and give them our details.

Is there any parking available?

Victoria St Carpark is a council car park conveniently located behind the surgery. You can access it from Victoria St, next to the Church Of Mary Immaculate. (The Parking is marked “A” in the map)