Dentures, Night Guards/ Splints


A denture (aka false teeth) is an appliance that replaces teeth (either all teeth in the case of a full denture or some of them, in the case of a partial denture)

Prior to having any denture treatment, a thorough dental check-up is recommended. You then have impressions, bite records, trial wax insertions and then the final insertion.

Partial dentures should be checked every 6 months(along with any remaining teeth), while full dentures should be reviewed yearly. All dentures lose their fit through natural changes in your mouth; however chewing gum, biting your nails or grinding your teeth can accelerate this. At Waverley Family Dental, we can help with the fit of your dentures. We can refit/reline your denture, which may provide you with a much better fit.

Splints /Night guards

A splint looks like a smaller, stiffer version of a mouth-guard. It is worn at night to prevent damage to teeth by grinding or clenching. (the potential damage can range from wearing teeth down, to the development of cracks in teeth and or fillings). Sometimes jaw soreness and inflammation can result. Wearing the splint will make protect your teeth, and may reduce teeth clenching in the long term.

To make a splint, the dentist takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth, and sends them to the dental lab, where the splint is made. The length of time a splint lasts depends on how severe your teeth grinding is.


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