Top 3 facts you need to know regarding tooth whitening.​

Dull, yellow teeth can be caused by many every day factors including smoking, drinking coffee, tea ,red wine or soft drinks. Chances are, if you have been indulging in any of the above for a few years, your smile is not as white as it once was!

In chair whitening- by far the quickest way to achieve whiter teeth. A strong solution of hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth by the dentist. A few hours later, you leave the dental surgery with whiter teeth, as well as custom made trays. These can be used to ‘top up’ or enhance the whitening achieved with some take home whitening gel. As the gel used is quite strong, it may cause some sensitivity in the teeth, which generally resolves a few days later.

Take home whitening kits – this is the most popular teeth whitening method. The gels used to whiten your teeth contain a lower percentage of peroxide that in practice products. This can minimise the sensitivity experienced with higher percentage products. The dentist will make you some custom trays, to which you apply the whitening gel, and use daily for 7-14 days. The level of whitening achieved can also be controlled.